Deal: Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 PS Vita is 72% Off (Physical Copy)

The PS Vita may not be receiving any love from Sony but at least there’s still enough content on the system to warrant not tying it up in a sack and launching it into the closest body of water. It’s a genuinely good console and we’re still finding many reasons to keep the poor sod charged up. It’s a beast with PlayStation Now (read more on that here) and it’s still got a decent library of games, though the physical releases really are drying up.

One of the platform’s better titles comes from acclaimed storyteller Telltale Games. The studio has put together some great point-and-click style games for the PS Vita, but a favourite among The Games Cabin is The Walking Dead Season 2. Gripping stuff, truly. is offering the physical game for $8.32, so if you’ve somehow managed to avoid the Walkers for this long then it might be worth splashing out a few American quid for this one. We’re used to getting our games digitally from the PSN, but with memory card prices still ridiculously high we’re often left searching out physical copies when we can, and we’re not alone on that one.

Be warned, though, it’s proper gut-wrenching stuff.

Buy your copy here from Amazon.

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