Deals: Save Some Cash With Square Enix’s 50% Sale On Android

final fantasy iv ipad

Square Enix’s games are notoriously expensive for Android devices, though it could be argued that they do provide value for money, especially the Final Fantasy series which can turn a quick battle on the loo into a full on dead-leg quest.

If you’ve not gotten around to exploring some of Square Enix’s timeless classics on your Android device, now may just be the time to do so; they’re all currently 50% off!

From now until January 5th you can pick up the following games at a fairly reasonable price:

Final Fantasy – $3.99
Final Fantasy II – $3.99
Final Fantasy III – $7.99
Final Fantasy IV – $7.99
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – $7.99
Final Fantasy V – $7.99
Final Fantasy VI – $7.99
Final Fantasy Dimensions – $7.99

Final Fantasy not your cup of tea? No problem, Square Enix have also slashed the prices on some of their other top-tier games including Dragon Quest II, Dragon Quest VIII and Chrono Trigger (highly recommended by this particular author.)

If you’re anything like us then you’ll be pinching the pennies after making a mad dash around the shops to pick up bits and pieces for people who probably wont appreciate it, so it’s nice to have the chance to save some dosh on some portable fun. At least you’ll have a reason to use those Google Play gift cards you’ll no doubt receive from lazy relatives…
Will you be diving into the Final Fantasy games on your Android device? Or are you a purist who only plays them on their intended platform? Any other deals we should know about? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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