Deals: Xbox One Console Price Dropped Further By Amazon UK [Updated]

Update 08:03pm, 4/10/2014: The price has gone down, again! There is only one left in stock and it’s going for £320.99!

Update #2 01:34am 5/10/2014: The listing has now gone back to the price of £324.85, with more stock available.


Amazon UK is really pushing Microsoft’s Xbox One, evident by yet another drop in price for the nifty console.

Previously priced at £329.99 for the base console and a controller, the console is now selling for a more-than-tempting price of £324.85, and that’s including free delivery within the UK.

You could even get the Xbox One even cheaper if you went for a used console, from which prices start at £279.99 plus a couple of quid for delivery. It’s bonkers to see the Xbox One so cheap when just a few months ago you’d be paying upwards of £400 for a decent bundle.

Expect Amazon and other retailers to start pushing down the prices and introducing new offers and bundles in the run up to Christmas in an effort to entice prospective customers.

How much did you pay for your Xbox One? Or are you yet to step into the next-gen? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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