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Devil’s Third North American Box Art is Just Bad, 90’s Bad

You haven’t forgotten about Devils’ Third, have you? If you have, don’t worry – it’s a forgettable game by any account. It recently released in Japan and wasn’t exactly a hit with critics. Poor gameplay, a chugging frame-rate that drops into single-figures and some barmy design choices made this Wii U exclusive one to avoid.

Still, there’s an audience for bad games, so Devil’s Third will release in North America. Today we’ve got the box art for the third-person-and-sometimes-first-person action game via Amazon. Unfortunately it’s poop. Hot poop. At least the Japanese version looked sort of alright. The North American box art just looks a bit bland.

Remind you of anything? Die Hard springs to mind, but we don’t really want to associate a classic film with a terrible game. (Click to enlarge.)

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