Devil’s Third: Online Revealed for PC

Any Wii U fans out there remember the recently released Devil’s Third? If so… sorry. Anyway, the game’s developers, Valhalla Game Studios, have finally spoken up about the game’s PC release, but it’s a stripped back version of the game, however that’s probably not a bad thing.

DT 2

The title of the PC version is Devil’s Third: Online and as that indicates the campaign has been taken out and only the game’s online multiplayer modes remain. However talk around The Cabin indicates that the multiplayer is the best part of a bad lot, so good riddance to the campaign.

DT 3

More information on Devil’s Third: Online will be revealed in this livestream on November 12th, and the studio might even reveal  the new game they’re working on then as well. Oddly enough the original Devil’s Third, for the Wii U, still hasn’t been released in the US, however if all goes according to plan it should be released there on the 11th of December.

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