Devil’s Third Removed from ‘Future Releases’ on WiiU, Itagaki Insists it’s Coming West

One the most exciting, albeit bonkers, games for the Nintendo WiiU is undoubtedly Itagaki’s chaotic shooter, Devil’s Third.

It doesn’t have a Western release date at the moment, something that’s worrying fans of Itagaki’s work.

The game has featured prominently on the WiiU’s ‘future releases’ section for months, giving fans reason to believe the game will find its way West at some point. However, the title has recently been removed from that section, causing fans to fear the worst.

That being said, Itagaki does seem to understand that western players want to play his game and he has since then promised that he will release Devil’s Third in North and South America as it is his “will.”

Oi, Itagaki – make sure us Europeans aren’t left out in the cold, yeah?


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