Digimon Survive: Kemonogami Tradition, Branching Routes and Karma Evolution News

Digimon Survive

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment released the latest information on “Digimon Survive” ( PS4/ Nintendo Switch/ Xbox One/ PC) scheduled to be released on July 28th. It reveals an outlook on the Kemonogami tradiation passed down in the land that Takuma and his friends visit during their extracurricular camping trip, as well as the evolution system of Agumon that changes depending on the choices made by the player.

The “Kemonogami tradition” related to the world view of Digimon Survive is explained by the “Professor” character who investigates the tradition. In the ancient times, in this area, in order to pray for fertility or to worship disasters, There was a custom to sacrifice a child to the beast god, “Kemonogami”. The designated child disappears while alive, or becomes “Spirited Away”, but because of that, the belief in Kemonogami has turned over the years into a raging and cursing god, and no one actually prays for the god anymore.

The professor tries to interpret the folklore tale and its surrounding myths from a unique local perspective, which leads him to be treated as a heretic by other academics. He believes that the paranormal phenomenon in this world has undiscovered factors that go beyond modern science, and that the key to solving the mystery lies in the legends written in ancient literature in various places.

Digimon Survive

The complexity of the perception of said myth affects the outcome of the game. There are 12 chapters in total, and from Chapter 8 onward, the scenario branches into three routes: morality, harmony, and passion, depending on the accumulation of choices up to that point. By viewing one of the endings, a further “backstage route” will open up in the second and subsequent play throughs.

Agumon, the main character’s partner, evolves as the story progresses. The evolution destination changes according to the “karma value” accumulated by the options up to that point. “Vaccine”, “Data”, and “Virus” are paired with “Morality”, “Harmony”, and “Passion” respectively, and there are also Champion, Ultimate, Mega evolutions, and special evolutions that can be obtained through a back route. It is not possible to obtain all evolutions in 1 play through.


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