Disney Dreamlight Valley All Story Quests 

This guide shares complete list of Disney Dreamlight Valley Story Quests.
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Knowing about Disney Dreamlight Valley all Story Quests gives you a general idea about all unique quests and whether you have completed them. If you didn’t know, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s game progression is associated with the different Story Quests you get from the Dream Valley residents, some available from the get-go and most you must unlock. Keep reading this guide as we share the complete list of Disney Dreamlight Valley all Story Quests.

All Story Quests In Disney Dreamlight Valley 

When writing this guide, we have around 17 unique characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, each offering four or more Story Quests. The exception here is Minnie, who has just three quests. You will find all Story Quests below:

Scar All Story Quests

  • Nature and Nurture
  • Friends Aren’t Food
  • Breaking Bones
  • The Circle of Life
  • The Making of a Monarch

Goofy All Story Quests

  • A Warm Welcome
  • Photographic Memory
  • The Mysterious Wreck
  • Dinner With a Friend
  • Photo Fervor
  • Scrapbook Blitz

Mickey All Story Quests

  • Mickey’s Memories
  • Foodception
  • Hangin’ With Mickey
  • Missing Minnie
  • Shadows and Bows
  • Memory Magnification
  • The Secret Door

Scrooge McDuck All Story Quests

  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening
  • Dreamlight Valley Economy 101
  • Customers Know Best
  • A Forgotten Combination
  • Rebuild the Valley: Peaceful Meadow
  • Rebuild the Valley: Dazzle Beach
  • Rebuild the Valley: Glade of Trust
  • Rebuild the Valley: Forest of Valor
  • What’s Bad for the Business

Merlin All Story Quests

  • Friendship is Everything
  • A New Enchantment
  • With Great Power…
  • A Lesson in Frustration
  • Crystal Mystery
  • A Dark Experiment
  • The Final Trial

WALL-E All Story Quests

  • The Shy Little Robot
  • It’s Good to Be Home!
  • Village Project: The Garden
  • The Compressed Garbage Incident
  • The Broken Memory
  • A Friendly Exchange

Moana All Story Quests

  • After the Storm
  • How Far You’ll Go
  • Fixing the Boat
  • Peacemakers
  • The Remembering
  • The Search for Pua
  • The Ceremony

Maui All Story Quests

  • The Great Maui
  • A Feast Worthy of a Demigod
  • Burying the Eel
  • A Tale of Stone and Fire
  • Demigod of the Wind and Sun
  • The Heart of Dreamlight Valley

Remy All Story Quests

  • An Important Night at the Restaurant
  • A Restaurant Makeover
  • Remy’s Recipe Book
  • The Price of Fame
  • The Unknown Flavor

Ursula All Story Quests

  • Lair Sweet Lair
  • Magic Moments
  • The Ritual
  • A Deal With Ursula

Kristoff All Story Quests

  • Lost in the Dark Grove
  • Leaving the Woods Behind
  • Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall
  • A Broken Sled
  • Frozen Memories

Donald Duck All Story Quests

  • A House Fit For A Duck
  • A Fishy Dispute
  • The Forgotten Project
  • The Dreamlight Fountain

Mother Gothel All Story Quests

  • The Curse
  • My Kingdom For A Scroll
  • Shine a Light
  • The Sunstone Fragments
  • Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone

Ariel All Story Quests

  • The Lonely Island
  • The Missing Prince
  • Thingamabobs, Gadgets, and Gizmos
  • The Ancient Doorway

Minnie All Story Quests

  • The Language of Flowers
  • On The Trail of Minnie’s Memory
  • Remembering Old Times

Anna All Story Quests

  • The Spirits of Nature
  • Welcoming Anna
  • An Icy Invitation
  • Lost Loves and Missing Memories
  • The Enchanted Ring
  • Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Elsa All Story Quests

  • Chasing the Wind
  • Welcoming Elsa
  • Breaking the Ice
  • What Home Feels Like
  • The Singing Ice
  • The Ice Cavern Mystery

Eric All Story Quests

  • Poor Unfortunate Prince
  • Part of His World
  • Back on the Waves
  • The Mystical Crystal

Note: We will add more Story Quests when new characters are available. As with every new character, we get a series of new Story Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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That aside, here is a list of introductory quests that you will encounter during the early hours of Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Welcome to Dreamlight Valley
  • The Royal Tools
  • Making Cents of Things
  • Fishing Expedition
  • Foodception
  • The Dream Castle

That concludes our guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley all Story Quests. 

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