Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Trophies and Achievements

Some of the Disney Dreamlight Valley trophies and achievements are harder than you might expect.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Trophies Achievements
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While playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s useful to keep in mind the full list of trophies and achievements. Disney Dreamlight Valley immerses its players into a dream animated universe with its farm-sim elements, and as you proceed, you’ll unlock all manner of trophies or achievements. Here’s every Disney Dreamlight Valley trophy and achievement, and how to unlock them.

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Every Disney Dreamlight Valley Trophy and Achievement

Disney Dreamlight Valley, at the time of writing, has 16 trophies or achievements to collect. Some of them are actually hard to get as they’ll require many hours to achieve. Here’s a breakdown of each of these tasks:

  • Dreamlight Valley – Complete All Trophies/Achievements.
  • Angler – Catch 1,800 fish (75G or Gold)
  • Goofy’s Investor – Unlock all of Goofy’s Stalls (75G or Gold).
  • Renovator – Build 30 Houses for friends (100G or Gold).
  • Thorn Cleaner – Take out 3,000 Night Thorns from the ground (25G or Bronze).
  • Chit Chatter – Conduct 1,000 daily discussions with characters like Maui and Stitch around the town (50G or Silver).
  • Duty Bound – Finish 1,100 Dreamlight Duties (100 G or Gold).
  • Chef Cook – Make 900 meals (75G or Gold)
  • Constructor – Completely upgrade your house (50G or Silver)
  • Bestest Friend – Have 15 best friends like Prince Eric in the game, which has you ranking them up to a maximum of 10 (75G or Gold).
  • Generous – Give gifts 540 times to characters around the town (50G or Silver).
  • Banker – Make it out like Scrooge and amass 1,800,000 star coins (50G or Silver).
  • Gardener – Harvest 4,500 vegetables (75G or Gold). Unfortunately, fruit like bananas isn’t included.
  • Miner – Act like one of the seven dwarves and mine 1,800 times. It’s off to work you go (75G or Gold)
  • Photographer – Take 50 pictures with the photo mode (25G or Bronze).
  • Valley’s Helper – Find all of the biomes in the game (100G or Gold).

Those are all of the achievements or trophies in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Phew!

The Hardest Achievements or Trophies

Angler Disney Dreamlight Valley Trophy Achievement

It has been almost a week since Disney Dreamlight Valley at the time of writing, and some of the achievements or trophies haven’t been completed by anyone. For example, PSN Profiles is reporting 0.00% of people have received the Renovator trophy yet.

Another difficult trophy to get is completing the Angler and Duty Bound achievements or trophies as they take a lot of time to complete. It’s more a matter of patience for most of these goals than skill. Put in some hard work in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you’ll start seeing those achievements or trophies begin popping up.

Hopefully, we can team up with friends through co-op in a future patch. The game’s developer Gameloft has confirmed multiplayer is on the way.

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