Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete The Ancient Doorway

As you level up your friends in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll most likely find their quests become tricker as time goes on. While it initially may seem like you’re swimming through the levels, by the time you’ve reached friendship level 10, the tasks you’re sent out on become a lot more demanding.

One of the trickiest is Ariel’s final friendship quest known as The Ancient Doorway. Most Disney Dreamlight Valley quests send you on a wild goose chase, and this is no different. If you’re looking for how to complete The Ancient Doorway and complete Ariel’s friendship quest line in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have the rundown on how to do so.

How To Complete The Ancient Doorway In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Obviously, your first step is going to be reaching friendship level 10 with Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. At this point, the quest The Ancient Doorway will begin, where Ariel shows you a Stone Slab she found in the water. Your first task is to take it to Merlin, who will explain that the runes on the slab are tied to emotions.

Return to Ariel and explain what Merlin has said, and she will ask you to visit three characters to gain their emotions. If you’re stuck on finding any of them, check your map, where you’ll be able to see them roaming across the map. The three Disney Dreamlight Valley characters you’ll need to find for The Ancient Doorway quest are:

  • Remy: To gain the passion emotion.
  • Moana: To gain the excitement emotion.
  • Ursula: To gain the anger emotion.

After gaining the emotions from all three of these Disney Dreamlight Valley characters, your next step is to visit the Mystical Cave, located on the east side of Dazzle Beach. You will most likely remember it from early quests involving Ursula.

Once inside, travel all the way to the bottom where you will find a design on the wall, very similar to that of your Stone Slab. Interact with it to place the Stone Slab on it and it will open a passage for you. Simply travel inside and pick up the Mystical Crystal, return it to Ariel and The Ancient Doorway Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley will now be complete.

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