Disney Dreamlight Valley Cucumber: How To Get

Goofy's stall at the Frozen Heights
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Cucumber in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a useful ingredient in many cooking dishes, which can help replenish stamina. This is particularly useful in the early stages of Disney Dreamlight Valley where you’ll need a large amount of stamina to clear thorns away from the Plaza. To find out where you can get and grow cucumber in Disney Dreamlight Valley, read here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Get Cucumber

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Goofy's stall in the Frozen Heights

Cucumbers can be bought from Goofy’s stall for 239 Star Coins each, or you can buy Cucumber Seeds for 40 star coins and grow your own. Goofy’s stall is located northwest within the Frozen Heights biome, which can be unlocked by travelling east to the Forest of Valour and spending 3,000 Dreamlight to remove the thorns blocking The Frozen Heights.

To unlock Goofy’s stall you’ll need to access the Frozen Heights biome. Once there, travel northwest until the path forwards is blocked by thorns. Pay 10,000 Dreamlight to remove these and you’ll have the option to purchase Goofy’s stall for 4,000 Star Coins.

This is just one of seven stalls Goofy has in different biomes, all of which sell different produce.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cucumber Recipes

Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes for Cucumber

Cucumbers can be given as gifts to Disney characters and can be used in most recipes that require any vegetable to make. They are also used in the following recipes:

Kappa MakiSeaweed
Spices and Herbs
Tasty SaladLettuce
Any Vegetable
Spices and Herbs
Mediterranean SaladCucumber
Spices and Herbs
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