Where To Find Dream Shards In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Stuck with a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley and need Dream Shards to progress? In that case, you should know where to find Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Dream Shards are one of the key items in the game that you need for progressing the game’s story, crafting Purified Night Shard, Dreamlight and others. However, acquiring Dream Shards is a daunting task in Disney Dreamlight Valley as most players don’t know how to get them, and players who know are not able to get it because of a game balance issue that many in the community are not aware of. So keep reading where to find Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley guide for more details. 

Where To Find Dream Shards In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can find Dream Shards by removing Night Thorns found all around the valley. You learn about Dream Shards and how to acquire them at the beginning of the game from Merlin. Following that, when you started removing the Night Thorns, granted you are lucky, you would have gotten Dream Shards. 

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If you are yet to clear Night Thorns around the different areas of the Dream Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can do it now to get Dream Shards. However, keep in mind! There is a game balance issue related to the Dream Shard spawn rate that Gameloft is working on fixing. 

But since you need Dream Shards to progress a certain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the devs have sent 25 Dream Shards via in-game mail that you can store in your Storage to make sure you don’t get stuck with the game progression because of the Dream Shard spawn issue. 

Dream Shards Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips

While exploring the crafting menu, one of the mistakes we did during our playthrough was that we crafted Dreamlight using Dream Shards. Please don’t do that! You will get a ton of Dreamlight by doing anything around the Dream Valley. 

Fishing, Farming, Mining, completing quests, adding Friends, and any sort of activity will reward you will Dreamlight. However, Dream Shards are very rare. On top of that, there is an issue that is making finding Dream Shards a rather daunting task. So, save your Dream Shards and keep removing Night Thorns for a chance to get more Dream Shards. 

That is it. We have shared details on where you can find Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley and the reason why their spawn rate is very low. 

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