Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwiches: Recipe, How To Make And Uses

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwiches (1)

While progressing through Mickey’s questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you get a quest called Missing Minnie, which tasks you to make Crudités and Fish Sandwiches. To advance the Missing Minnie quest, you must know Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwiches recipe, how to make it, and its uses. Without the knowledge, you will be wasting a lot of time and ingredients, which are hard to come by during the early game. So continue reading our guide to learn about Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwiches recipe, how to make it, and its different uses. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwiches: Recipe

Fish Sandwiches is a two-star Entree dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Therefore, you need two ingredients to make it. These are:

  • Any Fish x1
  • Wheat x1

Note: Depending on the rarity of the dish, you need that many ingredients to make it. A one-star dish requires one ingredient, a two-star dish requires two ingredients, and so on. 

How To Get Fish And Wheat In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find Fish by fishing in any water bodies in Peaceful Meadows, Dazzle Beach, and other biomes using the Fishing Rod tool you obtain during Merlin’s Royale Tools quest. As for Wheat, you must buy its seed from Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadows and plant and water it, and you will get the said grain. 

How To Make Fish Sandwiches In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make Fish Sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must have at least one Fish (any), Wheat, Coal, and access to a Cooking Stove. Once you have the items, interact with the Cooking Stove to enter the Cooking Menu. 

When in the Cooking Menu, drag and drop the Fish into the Cooking Pot. Next, drop the Wheat, and then click on the Start Cooking button on the bottom middle side of the Cooking Menu. 

Doing so will use one Coal to start the cooking process, and after a few seconds, you will have your Fish Sandwiches ready and served. The Fish Sandwiches will get added to your character’s inventory from where you can eat or drop it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwiches: Uses

Now that you know about the Fish Sandwiches recipe and how to cook it in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Let us talk about its different uses.

  • You need Fish Sandwiches to progress different quests like Missing Minnie. 
  • You can use it to complete Dreamlight Duties challenges. 
  • You can consume it to gain 592 Energy. 
  • You can give it to NPCs to increase your Friendship Level. 
  • You can sell it to Goofy to get 34 Star Coins. 

That is it. Now you know about Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwiches recipe, how to make it, and its different uses. For more Disney Dreamlight Valley, keep reading The Games Cabin.

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