Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Free To Play?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Free To Play
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Are you asking yourself the question ‘Is Disney Dreamlight Valley free to play’? Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new life sim that will have you befriend Disney heroes and villains across the history of the animation company. However, can you check out this experience as a free-to-play game? That’s when it gets a bit complicated. We answer the question ‘Is Disney Dreamlight Valley free to play?’ below. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Is it free to play?

Image via Gameloft

When Disney Dreamlight Valley hits its release date of September 6, the game will unfortunately not be free-to-play. The reason is that it will be hitting its early access period on consoles and PC on that date. However, as development continues on Disney Dreamlight Valley, it will eventually be released as a free-to-play title in 2023. 

To gain access to Disney Dreamlight Valley as early as September, you’ll need a Founder’s Pack or an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The publisher Gameloft has been pretty tight-lipped on what’s included in the Founder’s Pack, but it has said on its website that there will be “exclusive goodies such as in-game currency, cosmetic items, and more.” 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What is it?

Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life sim, likely inspired by the Animal Crossing series. You’ll be building a village in the valley and will be finding both Disney and Pixar characters from distant worlds. After completing missions with them, they’ll arrive in your village. According to the official website, “every Dreamlight Valley resident brings their own story arc, quests, and rewards.”

Some of the characters we’ll meet include Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the adorable Wall-E, Anna from Frozen, The Sword in the Stone’s Merlin, and Goofy, among many others. The developer and publisher have said that more characters will be on the way post-launch. Maybe Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series could join the fun with you adventuring through Destiny Islands or Twilight Town.

The overall goal of Disney Dreamlight Valley is to keep building relationships with the characters we know and love and regain their lost memories from the evil Forgetting.

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