Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetables: Recipe, How To Make And Uses

Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetables

Want to know the Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetable recipe, how to make it, and its uses? If so, then you are at the right place. Disney Dreamlight Valley offers around 164 unique meals under the Appetizers, Entree, and Dessert categories that players can cook and use in the game for different purposes. The meals you can cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley come in different rarities; depending on that, you need the same number of ingredients to make the dish. Continue reading our guide as we talk about one of the early game dishes, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetables recipe, how to make it, and its different uses. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetables: Recipe

Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetables recipe is easy as you can make the dish using any vegetable. When writing this article, we have around eighteen vegetables in the game, and depending on the availability, you can use whatever vegetable you have in handy to make Grilled Vegetables. 

In the early game, Corn was one of the vegetables we used to make Grilled Vegetables in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as you can buy Corn Seeds from Goofy’s Stall at the Dazzle Beach biome. Growing Corn would not take much time, and the Seeds are also cheap.

How To Make Grilled Vegetables In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you know you can use any vegetable to make the Grilled Vegetable Appetizer in Disney Dreamlight Valley gather any Vegetable and a piece of Coal and head towards the Cooking Stove. Interact with the stove to enter the Cooking Menu. 

Once in Cooking Menu, drag and drop any Vegetable into the cooking pot. And then click on the Start Cooking button that uses one Coal to commence the cooking process.  

Doing so will give you a Grilled Vegetable dish which will move to your character’s inventory. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetables: Uses

Similar to any other dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can use Grilled Vegetables to:

  • Obtain a ton of Star Coins in the early game by selling the dish at any of Goofy’s Stalls for 19 Star Coins each. 
  • Consume it to gain 98 or more energy. 
  • Gift it to any NPC to increase your Friendship Level. 
  •  Make it to complete the Dreamlight Duties that require you to make a One Star dish. 
  • Progress quests. 

That concludes our guide on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Vegetables recipe, how to make it, and its different uses. 

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