Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Feed Animals (Critters)

Disney Dreamlight Valley Feed Critters

If you want to unlock animals, aka critters, as pets/companions, you must know how to feed animals (Critters) in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Since feeding animals, their favourite food twice unlocks them as your pet. Each area in Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a set of Critters that appear on a rotation basis at a certain schedule. You can continue reading our guide to learn how to feed animals (Critters) in Disney Dreamlight Valley, along with other details like where to find Critters. 

How To Feed Animals (Critters) In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley by approaching and following them till you get the option to interact. When you do interact with them, your inventory will open up. Select the food item that you want to offer them. Well! You can offer them anything, though offering their favourite food will help you unlock them as companions. 

Once you feed an animal, you won’t be able to feed them for the next 24 hours. That said! If you don’t have an animal’s favourite food, you can back out of the menu and find or make their favourite food. After that, you can explore the area; find and interact with the animal. And feed them their favourite food. 

How To Know If We Gave An Animal His Favourite Food In Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you give an animal, aka critter, his favourite food, a star will pop up above his head. The animal will be happy, jumping around and doing similar motions. The final queue of knowing you fed the critter his favourite food is; that you get an item from the critter. In our playthrough, we mostly got Dream Shard. 

Where To Find Critters In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each area in the Dream Valley offers a different animal. We have compiled a general list that shows which animal and its various variants you will find in the existing biomes. 

  • Sunlit Plateau – Sunbird 
  • Plaza – Squirrel 
  • Glade of Trust – Crocodile
  • Peaceful Meadows – Rabbit 
  • Forgotten Lands – Raven
  • Dazzle Beach – Sea Turtle 
  • Frosted Heights – Fox 
  • Forest of Valor – Raccon

Keep this in mind! Each of these animals has five different variants, which are nothing but a recolor of the same animal.

How To Make Animals (Critters) Into Pets In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As we mentioned earlier, you must feed an animal, aka critter, his favourite food two times. Once you do that, you unlock them as your pet, aka companions, that follow you around the Dream Valley when equipped from the Companions section under the Wardrobe menu. 

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