Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Bananas

One of the world’s best fruits bananas can be spotted in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s where to find them.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Bananas
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Disney Dreamlight Valley has a platitude of ingredients to find, and bananas are a much sought-after item in the game. Here’s where to find bananas in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you can start cooking with them. 

Don’t Slip While Finding Bananas in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bananas in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is bliss for a farming life simulation fan, especially if you love Mickey Mouse and his friends. However, you may find it difficult to acquire bananas in the game. You’ll spot this tropical fruit in the Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a green tree with orange leaves sprouting from it. The bananas can be seen physically hanging off the tree.

Press E on your PC keyboard or the equivalent button on controllers to collect the bananas. Once you’ve picked them, they won’t regrow for another 23 minutes. Each resource gathering spot should give you three bananas at once. We were able to spot two banana trees in the Peaceful Meadow alone. There are also raspberries that you can harvest in the area but make sure you increase your inventory as you progress through the game. Hopefully, our online friends can join us in the future.

What Can You Make With Bananas in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Banana Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are three main recipes you can make with bananas in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They include Banana Ice Cream, Banana Pie, and Banana Split.

You can make Banana Ice Cream with this fruit, milk, sugar cane, and slush ice. Banana Pie requires one serving of wheat and a butter cube, in addition to banana. Lastly, the tropical ingredient can be matched with milk, sugar cane, any sweet item, and slush ice to make a Banana Split. You can also make a ratatouille, but that doesn’t require bananas, of course.

If you’ve found this useful, you may want to check how to find emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well. You’ll need all sorts of ingredients and resources to succeed in this life-sim. There’s no Hakuna Matata here.

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