Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Banana Pie

Banana Pie sounds scrumptious, and here’s how to make it in Disney Dreamlight Valley for Remy.
Banana Pie Disney Dreamlight Valley

Are you playing Disney Dreamlight Valley and looking to make some Banana Pie? Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you create all kinds of desserts, but to help Remy’s restaurant succeed in the eyes of a critic is to make a banana pie. Here’s every ingredient you need to make, in order to create Banana Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley appealing dish.

How to Cook Banana Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Banana Pie Recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the final stages of Remy’s mission to create an outstanding course for his critic is to make a banana pie. You’ll need to grab a variety of ingredients before you proceed with the cooking process. This includes one banana, one wheat, and one butter. All you need are those three ingredients; do not add anything else to the pot. Once you have all three set, click on Start Cooking at the bottom of the screen. You’ll also need to know how to make a Veggie Casserole during this quest with Remy.

When the dessert has been created, head over to the counter on the right side of Remy’s kitchen to serve the banana pie. Voila! You have finished that part of the mission, and you have a three-star recipe to utilize outside of Remy’s realm and restaurant.

  • The trophy and achievement list is actually tough in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Take a glance at it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Butter

Butter Location Disney Dreamlight Valley

Butter is a relatively tricky resource to find at first. You’ll need to relocate Remy to your village by completing the ratatouille at his restaurant and then getting the funds to build a house for the rat.

Once Remy’s restaurant is established in your town, head over to it in the plaza, not his house. Behind the stove, you’ll see a variety of ingredients that are ready for you to buy. Pick up the butter from this location by paying 190 Star Coins each and then you can create banana pies whenever you’d like, as long as you have a banana and wheat in your possession.

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