Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Crudités 

disney dreamlight valley how to make Crudites

While progressing through Mickey’s questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players get a quest called Missing Minnie, where Mickey asks them to make five Crudités and two Fish Sandwiches. With little to no information on how to make Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players find completing the Missing Minnie quest a rather daunting task. It is where our how to make Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley guide comes in handy. 

What Are Crudités In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Crudités is an actual French dish, an appetizer to be exact, consisting of sliced and sometimes whole raw vegetables dipped in a vinaigrette or other dipping sauce. To progress the Missing Minnie quest, you must make the same Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, the in-game version of Crudités requires no Sauce or any such ingredient. 

How To Make Crudités In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can make Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley by adding a single vegetable to the stove and light it up using Coal that you find by breaking the boulders around the Dream Valley. You can use any vegetable to make Crudités, may it be the commonly acquired Carrots, Cabbage, or any others. 

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In case you don’t have the veggies handy! You can always plough the field using the Shovel. And plant carrots and other seeds, water them and harvest them to obtain veggies to make Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

During the Missing Minnie quest, you must make five Crudités. But don’t try to make them at once. Instead, cook them one by one. All you must do is add a vegetable to the Cooking Pot and fire it up using Coal. Repeat the process till you have five Crudités, and you will complete the “Crudités (0/5)” section of the Missing Minnie quest. 

The only thing stopping players from making Crudités Disney Dreamlight Valley was that none of them knew what Crudités are or the recipe and ingredients required. Now that we have shared the needed information, all you have to do is get started and complete the Missing Minnie quest to level up your Friendship level with Mickey while obtaining Dreamlight and other rewards. 

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