Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Tasty Veggies

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Tasty veggies is a recipe you can get Remy to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley in return for regaining stamina. Recipes are a useful tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley, especially in the early game when you need to stock up on stamina to clear away thorns. To learn how you can unlock the recipe, read on.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Tasty Veggies Recipe Location

Disney Dreamlight Valley: recruiting Remy

To unlock Remy’s restaurant, you must first follow Merlin’s tutorial questline and unlock the castle. Once inside the castle, Remy will be in the kitchen and will assign you tasks to earn his trust and encourage him to return to the village, where he will set up shop.  

The recipe for Tasty Veggies can be found by inputting the current ingredients onto the stove.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Tasty Veggies

Disney Dreamlight Valley: cooking

The Tasty Veggies recipe is one of the easier ones to make as it is only two stars and requires one of any vegetable and herb to make. For the vegetable of choice, lettuce is a viable option as this can be bought directly from Goofy. Alternatively, carrots are easy enough to grow and you’ll naturally accumulate many carrot seeds from clearing thorns in the starting area.

Oregano is a good option for the herb portion of the dish as it can be found growing all along the plaza starting area.

To cook the dish, simply acquire the ingredients including some coal to light a fire (this can be found from digging) and interact with a stove either in your home or at Chez Remy (once you’ve convinced Remy to come back to the valley).

Once you’ve cooked the dish you can consume it to regain 345 energy, sell the dish for 68 Star Coins, or gift it to an NPC to increase friendship with them.

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