Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Kristoff’s Stall

Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoffs Stall
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While Goofy may be the talk of the town in the early goings of Disney Dreamlight Valley, it won’t be long before you’re bringing Frozen’s very own Kristoff into your community. Sure, Goofy may have his own stalls across the map for you to use and get various items from, but Kristoff is also extremely useful.

In fact, Kristoff has his own stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which comes with its own lucrative items for you to purchase and use. If you’re looking for unique objects to buy for your world, here’s how to unlock Kristoff’s stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Unlock Kristoff’s Stall In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Obviously, your first step is to unlock Kristoff in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which can be done by opening up the Forest of Valor area for 3,000 Dreamlight and completing the quest Lost in the Dark Grove, which involves you tracking down Donald Duck. With these two prerequisites completed, you will find Kristoff wandering around the Forest of Valor area and can begin your friendship quests with him.

Once you reach friendship level 6, at this point the quest Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall will unlock, which you need to complete to obtain Kristoff’s stall.  After speaking to Goofy about this project, you’ll be asked to obtain a variety of materials. At this point in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will most likely know where they are and have most of them, but if not, this is what you’ll need:

  • 50 Softwood: Commonly found across the ground in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • 50 Stone: Simply break rocks with your pickaxe to obtain.
  • 10 Ingots: To make one, you’ll need to craft 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal together. The materials can easily be found in deposits.
  • 35 Hardwood: Similar to Softwood, it can be found scattered around Disney Dreamlight Valley but is a lot rarer to obtain.

With all these in hand, you can craft Kristoff’s stall and place it wherever you see fit. From now on, you can purchase materials such as Stone, Sand, and Softwood to help build up your Disney Dreamlight Valley. As with Goofy’s stall, you can also pay to upgrade Kristoff’s stall to unlock the ability to purchase more unique items.

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