Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Upgrade House

Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you manage your own house. Here’s how to upgrade it.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Upgrade House

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll likely want to upgrade your house. When you first start Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may be disappointed that your house looks decrepit. It’s dusty, most of the walls are boarded up, and it’s as small as an apartment in New York. Thankfully, there’s a way to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Upgrade House In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Elevator Disney Dreamlight Valley

After fulfilling a few missions with Scrooge, you’ll unlock the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 mission. It’s near the beginning of the game. As you accept the quest, you’ll gain the ability to invest in your house. When prompted to go back to your home, you’ll see an elevator to the left of your entrance. It looks like there’s a keyhole shape in the middle of the elevator and the handrail looks like a crown.

House Expansion Disney Dreamlight Valley

Interact with the elevator with the E key, and you’ll see a map sketched in a blue and white outline. From here, you can expand the space with a specific button. The first expansion to your house will cost 1,000 Star Coins. After spending this money, the house will then get larger. Now, you can move your furniture around.

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How To Get More Storage Space

Disney Dreamlight Valley Improve Storage Space

After expanding the house once, a Scrooge sign will appear in front of the building just like Goofy’s shop. Interact with this sign and then, the devilish duck will ask for more money; this time, you’ll need 2,000 Star Coins. Now, the planks on the wall and the nasty exterior has been transformed. You can also store more items within your chest from 8 to 16. You may want to upgrade your tools as well as the house.

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