Where To Find Maui In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui

If you are a fan of Disney’s movie Moana, you must know where to find Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game features various realms that represent the world of Disney and Pixar movies or cartoons. One such realm is Moana and Maui’s realm that you can visit right after unlocking the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That said! In this guide, we share details on where to find Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where To Find Maui In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will find Maui in Moana’s realm, which you can access from the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Moana and Maui are from the same Disney movie, and thus they are found inside the same realm. As you may know, each of the realms in the Disney Dreamlight Valley leads you to a set piece of a Disney movie or cartoon featuring the iconic Disney and Pixar characters. 

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While continuing Merlin’s quest, The Dream Castle, you get inside the said castle after removing the Night Thorns using 2000 Dreamlight. After that, Merlin talks about how many of the Dream Valley folks returned to their realm, which you can visit using the realm gates inside the Dream Castle. Once you exhaust Merlin’s dialogues, you can unlock one of the three realms on the ground floor for just 50 Dreamlight. 

These are the dialogue options that Merlin will give you for unlocking your first realm. Please choose wisely:

  • A desolate planet with the Shy Robot – WALL-E’s Realm 
  • A restaurant with a great Chef – Remy’s Realm [Ratatouille]
  • The Ocean with a Demigod – Moana and Maui’s Realm 

Assuming you want to unlock Maui, you can choose the third option, The Ocean with a Demigod, to unlock Moana and Maui’s realm. 

How To Unlock Maui In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finding Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one thing, and getting him back to the Dream Valley is another. To unlock and bring Maui to Dream Valley, you must complete Moana’s quest inside her realm. Once you complete her quest and bring her back to Dream Valley, you will get a quest called A Feast Worth of a Demigod. 

During the said quest! You must return to Moana’s realm and talk to Maui. Doing so leads to the next phase in A Feast Worth of a Demigod quest, where players must cook three food items with three-star or more rarity. You can make something like Lemon Garlic Swordfish, Grilled Fish Entrée, Souffle or others to complete the quest. 

Once you have completed A Feast Worth of a Demigod quest, you will unlock Maui, and he will come to the Dream Valley. 

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