Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushroom Stumps: How To Remove

Disney Dreamlight Valley mushroom tree stumps
Images via Gameloft

As you advance through Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Forest of Valour and Frosted Heights you may encounter several mushroom stumps blocking your path. These mushroom stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley cannot be moved unless you have the shovel upgraded with the Shovel Blade. Read here to learn how you can unlock this and remove the mushroom stumps in your game.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Clear Mushroom Stumps

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Shovel Blade recipe

The Shovel Blade is a shovel upgrade given by Anna. To receive this, you must first unlock Anna by spending 4,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Frozen portal on the second floor of Dream Castle. Once this is done, you must also have at least friendship level two with Anna to receive the upgrade.

You can befriend Anna by completing tasks for her, talking with her every day or by giving her gifts. Giving gifts is the easiest way to earn friendship points. Although Anna’s favourite gifts change daily, she continuously likes the following items:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Maguro Sushi
  • Yellow Nasturtium

Now you have friendship level two with Anna and have the Shovel Blade recipe you can make it with the following materials at a crafting table:

  • Softwood x10
  • Hardwood x4
  • Tinkering Parts x3
  • Iron Ingots x4

These materials should be easy enough to acquire from the surrounding woods and the Tinkering Parts and Iron Ingots can be made by collecting Iron Ore. You can also receive an upgrade from Elsa to remove the blocks of ice in the realm by completing a friendship quest for her.

Once you’ve made the Shovel Blade, you should be able to clear the Disney Dreamlight Valley mushroom tree stumps without issue.