Disney Dreamlight Valley Nintendo Switch Release Date

Disney Dreamlight Valley Switch Release Date
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The Disney Dreamlight Valley Nintendo Switch release date is fast approaching, but when exactly is it? Disney Dreamlight Valley, with some inspiration from the Animal Crossing and potentially Harvest Moon series, seems like a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, we have a Disney Dreamlight Valley Switch release date, and it’s very soon. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Switch Release Date: When is it?

Inspired by the many Disney and Pixar classic films, Disney Dreamlight Valley will inspire Nintendo Switch players with imagination on September 6. Yes, it will be released day-and-date alongside the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions, which doesn’t happen often for third-party Nintendo Switch games. We’re looking at you, Life is Strange. Switch versions of major third-party games are often delayed, while Xbox, PC, and PlayStation fans prosper. 

However, this launch does not indicate a free-to-play release. Instead, there will be a Founder’s Pass that needs to be bought, in order to access the game in September. If you want to wait for the free-to-play version, it will be launching sometime in 2023. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What Is It?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim that takes place within a dream-like world. You’re building your own town with resources you find around the world and forming friendships with beloved Disney characters along the way. After you’ve finished some quests for the likes of Ariel or potentially Anna from Frozen, they’ll come to stay at your charming valley town. 

Strangely, you can also meet the villains in the Disney universe as well, such as Ursula, who seems to form potions for you along the way. The characters have had their memories wiped, so everyone seems to be starting from a clean slate in this canon. As you finish quests, you’ll be receiving items like costumes, accessories, and objects to place around the world and in your room.

We don’t know currently what the microtransactional model will be like. However, we expect there will be Disney-themed items that are only available through purchasing them. As the game is from the mobile developer Gameloft, expect your wallet to start hurting.

That’s all you need to know about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Nintendo Switch release date! For more information on Disney Dreamlight Valley, keep your eyes peeled on The Games Cabin.

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