Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetarian Stew: Recipe, How To Make, And Uses

Disney Dreamlight Valley All five star recipe

You must know about Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Vegetarian Stew recipe, how to make it, and its uses, as you will need the three-star Entrée dish for progressing certain quests, replenishing energy, and other things. Disney Dreamlight Valley offers various meals with different rarities galore. And it doesn’t directly tells you how to make a dish like Vegetarian Stew until you progress the game and unlock the respective dish recipe. So continue reading to learn about Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetarian Stew recipe, how to make it, and its uses. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetarian Stew Recipe

Disney Dreamlight Valley Prince Eric

Since Vegetarian Stew is a three-star dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you require three ingredients to make it. These ingredients are:

  • Onion
  • Carrot
  • Potato

Once you have the said ingredients, you are ready to make Vegetarian Stew, irrespective of whether you have unlocked the recipe in-game. 

How To Make Vegetarian Stew In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the Vegetarian Stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must find and interact with a Cooking Station, whether Chez Remy’s kitchen, your house or another location. Once in the Cooking Menu, you can drag and drop the ingredients, including onion, carrot, and potato, in the Cooking Pot and then use one Coal to start the cooking process. 

Doing so will make Vegetarian Stew that will automatically get added to your inventory granted you have free space. Usually, you would get the Vegetarian Stew recipe from Prince Eric once you bring him back to Dream Valley.

If you have the recipe unlocked, select Vegetarian Stew from the Recipe option, which you will find on the top left side of the Cooking Menu. After you choose the dish, the ingredients required to make it will automatically get added to the Cooking Pot. 

What Is Vegetarian Stew Used For In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Similar to other food items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can use Vegetarian Stew in the following ways:

  • You can consume Vegetarian Stew to get 617 or more energy. 
  • You can sell Vegetarian Stew at any of Goofy’s Stalls for 475 or more Star Coins. 
  • You can gift Vegetarian Stew to NPCs 
  • You need Vegetarian Stew for progressing certain NPC quests. For example, when you bring Prince Eric back to Dream Valley, he will ask you to make him some Vegetarian Stew. 

That is it. This concludes our guide on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetarian Stew recipe and how to make it. 

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