Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Butter

Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter is hard to reach at first, but with Remy’s help, your culinary repertoire will improve.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter

Butter is an essential ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley, especially in French cooking. Thankfully, there’s a way to collect butter, but it may be more expensive than you’d first expect. You’ll also need to meet a particular rodent from Paris to access this dairy product.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter Location

There are a few steps you’ll need to follow before you can buy butter for your recipes. First, you’ll need to enter Remy’s realm in the castle. It’s on the first floor to the right. Once you find your way into Remy’s kitchen, you’ll need to make various meals for him. They include a veggie casserole, ratatouille, and banana pie. Once you’ve made the dishes for Remy’s food critic, he’ll then be invited to join your realm.

After talking to Remy and Scrooge McDuck, you’ll build Remy’s house. Then, you’ll have to find the funds to begin the cheese-loving rat’s new restaurant in your town. Once it’s up and running, go into Remy’s kitchen and look at the ingredients on his counter. This area works similarly to Goofy’s stall where you can buy ingredients from the shelf. Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter will cost you 190 Star Coins to get one. It’s expensive so try to be conservative with your purchasing decisions.

What Can You Make With Butter?

There are all sorts of recipes you can make with butter. This includes the aforementioned banana pie (308 Star Coins), fish pie (303 Star Coins), Red Fruit Pie (297 Star Coins), and a Lobster Roll (1,900 Star Coins). You can also make birthday cake (749 Star Coins) with butter and other ingredients.

As you interact with Disney characters in the game, keep an eye out for dishes that are their favourite things of the day. When you talk to them, you’ll see these favourite things on the bottom right. For example, Goofy wanted to have Sake Maki for dinner while we were playing one day. If you give them the dishes they’d like, their friendship meter will go up.

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