Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Hardwood

Make some crates and a leaf-strewn path with hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Hardwood Area

Disney Dreamlight Valley has an array of materials to find throughout your adventure, including hardwood. It’s not available during the first segments of the game, but as you proceed through the Forgetting’s tribulations in the world, you’ll indeed find some hardwood. Here’s where to get it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hardwood Location

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hardwood

You’ll be able to find hardwood once you reach the Forest of Valor. It is behind a barrier of thorns, but you can get past it by spending a certain amount of Dreamlight and unlocking the wishing well in the Peaceful Meadow. You can find this area east of the main plaza. This is certainly not as easy as finding raspberries in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once stepping foot into the Forest of Valor, look to the ground. Besides trees in the area, you’ll see stacks of hardwood on the ground, chopped thinly. Go pick them up, and you’ll unlock a variety of furniture recipes that will appear on-screen. You may need to take out a few of the night thorns first to clear the path. The Forest of Valor at first is swarming with them.

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What Can You Build With Hardwood?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Leaf Strewn Path

When you find some hardwood, you’ll be able to build two items: the Leaf-Strewn Path and a Crate. They’re not particularly the greatest of stylistic items to have around the town, but it’s better than nothing.

The Leaf-Strewn Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be made with one hardwood and one soil. The Crate can be created with a much greater 10 hardwood pieces. However, it can be easy to find hardwood around The Forest of Valor and picking up 10 of them can likely be done within one trip to the area.

Softwood can make much more items, at least in the introductory stages of the game. You can form a Trellis Arch, Tall Birdhouse, Rustic Wooden Case, Heavy Wooden Table, and a Sturdy Chair. You’ll also need it to make shop signs around the town, so Scrooge can make some money.

While you’re around The Forest of Valor in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be able to find Kristoff from Frozen. Unfortunately, you’ll need to go somewhere else for the adorable Stitch and WALL-E

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