Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Seaweed To Make Fiber And Rope

There’s a lot of crafting in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and in its early access stage, it’s perhaps not the most intuitive. Some of the menus can be a bit buggy, and unlike something such as Animal Crossing: New Horizon, it doesn’t hold your hand as much.

It’s not long into your time at Disney Dreamlight Valley that you’ll come across crafting recipes that require multiple steps. Of course, it was never always going to be easy, but there’s a sudden jump in the requirements needed for recipes once a few more residents enter your valley. Some of the items that come to mind are fiber and rope, and to make both of those, you’re going to need seaweed.

Where To Find Seaweed In Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s never directly mentioned where you’ll find seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but in fact, it’s perhaps one of the easiest materials to gather in the game.

To gather seaweed quickly, you simply need to fish in any space of water, but avoid the glistening fishing spots. Any random space will do, and you’ll either be rewarded seaweed or a common fish. Sometimes you may even get lucky and enter a timed challenge where seaweed scatters across the surrounding land, tasking you to pick up as much before the timer ends. You’ll know this has happened by a music cue that sounds like counting down. Once the music ends, so has your opportunity to earn extra seaweed.

How To Make Fiber With Seaweed In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have gathered a piece of seaweed, you can then turn this into 5 pieces of fiber. Simply go to any crafting table and complete the recipe to gain the fiber.

How To Make Rope In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make rope, you’ll need the fiber you’ve just created. For rope, Disney Dreamlight Valley asks for 8 pieces of fiber, meaning you’ll need to gather quite a bit of seaweed.

It’s a bit of a pain to complete, but once you start gathering a steady stream of seaweed, going through the process becomes much more manageable.

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