Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Shrimp

Disney Dreamlight Valley shrimp leads to some five-star recipes, including the posh-sounding Bouillabaise.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Shrimp

Shrimp is a succulent delight for cuisines around the world, and that’s no different in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After venturing through, you’ll be able to find Disney Dreamlight Valley shrimp at a particular location. Here’s where to find these crustaceans in the game.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Shrimp Location

Disney Dreamlight Valley Shrimp Location

Disney Dreamlight Valley shrimp can be found near the beginning of the game at Dazzle Beach. It is located south of the second area of the game Peaceful Meadows, where you first find Goofy. Head over to the ocean on the beach and equip your fishing rod. You can do that by pressing the number 4 key on your keyboard for PC. Now, that you’re ready to fish, try to find a blue circle within the water. This is where you’ll find shrimp. No other colour will work.

They’re relatively tricky to catch as you’ll need to be accurate around three or four times in a row. For best accuracy, focus only on your sight of the circle. Once an exclamatory mark is made on-screen, click the catch button (right mouse button on PC) as soon as you can.

When you catch two shrimp, make sure to save some for Goofy as they can be used in the quest “Dinner With A Friend.” After that, you can easily find clams and scallops on the sand. They’re blue and pink shells that are laid on the beach.

What Can You Make With Shrimp?

Once you have caught a few shrimp, you can sell them for 300 Star Coins each. However, if you want to cook with them, there are many recipes you can try. The “Dinner With A Friend” quest requires you to make the challenging meal Bouillabaise, which has you finding and then cooking two seafood (we recommend one serving of clams and one serving of scallops), one shrimp, one tomato, and a vegetable of any kind.

You can also make another five-star dish Lancetfish Paella with shrimp, lancetfish, shellfish, tomato, and rice.

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