Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Sugarcane

Disney Dreamlight Valley sugarcane is surprisingly exclusive to one location. Here’s where to get it.
Sugarcane Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley sugarcane opens the door to many desserts in the game. Chocolate, cakes, and candy can be made with this sweet ingredient. Here’s where to find this substance within this wonderful world of Disney.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sugarcane Location

Sugarcane is only available through Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach, where you can meet Prince Eric. It’s the locale that is south of Peaceful Meadow, the second area of Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can access this area by taking the Eastern route from the Peaceful Meadow. Explore and you’ll eventually find an abandoned stall. Repair it and then you’ll be able to buy sugarcane crops without upgrading it. The roots cost five Star Coins each, so they’re inexpensive to invest in.

Once you’ve planted them, they should take around seven minutes to grow. Then, you can pluck this ingredient from the ground and utilize them in your recipes. They each will sell for 19 Start Coins, so you’ll be making a profit of 14 Star Coins for each of them.

What Can You Make With Sugarcane?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Caramel Apples

There are all sorts of treats you can make with Disney Dreamlight Valley sugarcane. Caramel Apples are a favourite around the fall season, and you can make them with apples and sugarcane. They will sell for 56 Star Coins and will give you 638 energy. If you have a raspberry, portion of wheat, egg, and milk with your sugarcane, you can also make Aurora’s Cake. That will net you 786 Star Coins.

You can also make biscuits by mixing the sugarcane, wheat, and butter together. That’s perfect for a picnic with your pals. Keep in mind not every dessert needs sugarcane like banana pie.

As you continue to make meals, you may want to expand your storage so you can store them for later. To do that, you’ll need to upgrade your house.

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