Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find A White Daisy

A Disney Dreamlight Valley white daisy can help you make a tall birdhouse and a red and yellow flower disk.
Disney Dreamlight Valley White Daisy

The Disney Dreamlight Valley white daisy is a thing of beauty. They stand in the grass with elegance and could definitely uplift a friend’s mood. Here’s where to find a white daisy in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what it sells for with Goofy’s stall.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley White Daisy Location

You can spot a Disney Dreamlight Valley white daisy exclusively at the Peaceful Meadow. This is where you first meet Goofy and discover Merlin’s house. It’s just south of the main plaza.

White daisies appear randomly throughout the area of Peaceful Meadow, but they typically grow near large trees or bushes like the picture above. It’s sometimes tough to tell which flower is which, but you’ll know you’re looking at a white daisy, due to its colour and sternly vertical stem position.

Each Disney Dreamlight Valley white daisy will give you 25 Star Coins each. It’s not much, but if you begin to find a lot while foraging in Peaceful Meadow, it can add up.

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What Can You Do With White Daisies?

Primarily, the white daisy can be gathered for Merlin’s mission “A New Enchantment.” You’ll need to find four dandelions, six apples, six bananas, and four Disney Dreamlight Valley white daisies to complete the quest. You may need to revisit the Peaceful Meadow multiple times to get enough white daisies for your needs.

In addition to this quest, you can make several items with white daisies on the crafting table. For example, you can make a Red and Yellow Flower Disk by bringing together one white daisy, two dandelions, a round soil area, and two red falling penstemon. This will help beautify the town if you decide to make this piece of furniture.

Finally, you can make the Tall Birdhouse at the crafting table too with three white daisies, eight softwood planks, and three blue falling penstemon. Mickey will be happy to see the birds return to the town.

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