Distinct area Crossword Clue and Answer

Crosswords are recognised as one of the most popular forms of word games in today’s modern era and are enjoyed by millions of people every single day across the globe, despite the first crossword only being published just over 100 years ago. The first appearance came in the New York World in the United States in 1913, it then took nearly 10 years for it to travel across the Atlantic, appearing in the United Kingdom in 1922 via Pearson’s Magazine, later followed by The Times in 1930.

To this day, everyone has or (more likely) will enjoy a crossword at some point in their life, but not many people know the variations of crosswords and how they differentiate. Before we reveal your crossword answer today, we thought why not learn something as well. In most crosswords, there are two popular types of clues called straight and quick clues. A quick clue is a clue that allows the puzzle solver a single answer to locate, such as a fill-in-the-blank clue or the answer within a clue, such as Duck ____ Goose.

The straight style of crossword clue is slightly harder, and can have various answers to the singular clue, meaning the puzzle solver would need to perform various checks to obtain the correct answer. Both crossword clue types and all of the other variations are all as tough as each other, which is why there is no shame when you need a helping hand to discover an answer, which is where we come in with the potential answer to the Distinct area crossword clue today.

Distinct area Crossword Clue Answer

Below, you will find a potential answer to the crossword clue in question, which was located on February 6 2023, within the Wall Street Journal Crossword. Make sure to check the answer length matches the clue you’re looking for, as some crossword clues may have multiple answers.

  • 6 Letters

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There you have it, a comprehensive solution to the Wall Street Journal crossword, but no need to stop there. We have clue answers for all of your favourite crossword clues, such as the Daily Themed Crossword, LA Times Crossword, and more.