Does Call Of Duty Mobile Have Zombies?


Does Call of Duty Mobile have Zombies Mode? At this point, Zombies Mode is a staple of the Call of Duty franchise. There’s nothing more relaxing than wiping out masses of the living dead with Pack-a-Punched weapons, so of course, the idea of playing Zombies on Call of Duty Mobile is alluring. But does Call of Duty Mobile have Zombies as a game mode option?

Below, we’ll detail the history of Zombies in Call of Duty Mobile and whether or not it’s possible to play Zombies.

Does Call of Duty Mobile Have Zombies?


Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Mobile has gone through a few iterations. Early on, Call of Duty Mobile offered Zombies in Endless Survival Mode and Raid Mode. Endless Survival Mode was the classic CoD Zombies experience, while Raid Mode had players fight through waves of Zombies before eventually encountering a boss. More recently, Undead Siege was introduced as Call of Duty Mobile’s feature Zombies Mode. In Undead Siege, teams of four work together to protect a teleportation device from waves of the undead. During the day, you collect supplies. At night, the zombies come out to feast.

Unfortunately, Endless Survival Mode, Raid Mode, and Undead Siege were retired, citing a lack of quality. However, rumour has it that the classic Call of Duty Zombies will return to Call of Duty Mobile with Season 8, slated to release in early September 2022. This revival of Call of Duty Mobile Zombies will include Shi No Numa, TranZit, and Night of the Undead (Nacht der Untoten) as playable maps.

How To Play Zombies On Call Of Duty Mobile


Right now, there is no way to play Zombies on Call of Duty Mobile. Zombies fanatics will have to wait until Season 8 for the chance to eradicate armies of the undead once more.

When Zombies Mode returns to Call of Duty Mobile, you’ll find it in the Featured section of the Events tab on the main menu. But, to play it, you might have to manually install it. To do this, open up the Settings by selecting the gear in the top-right of the main menu. Now, on the sidebar to the left, select the Install tab. Here, you’ll see the option to install Zombies Mode.

So, to answer the question, while various Zombies Modes have existed throughout the lifespan of Call of Duty Mobile, none of them are available to play at the current time. However, that will change soon enough. Look out for the reintroduction of Call of Duty Mobile Zombies when Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 goes live in early September 2022.

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