Doom Eternal Is The Greatest FPS Game of All Time

Doom is the father of shooters. It made the genre what it is today and continues to reinvent itself to staple itself as one of the greatest series of all time. Doom eternal used everything at its disposal to make combat unforgettable, thrilling and rewarding.

The Doom Slayer


Few games even come close to having such adrenaline-inducing music. The heavy metal automatically gets you ready to be in a fast-paced environment, ready to react to anything. It suits the scenery so perfectly and matches the different situations you’re placed in. Mick Gordon couldn’t have created a better soundtrack. When you hear the beat start you become the Doom Slayer and we’re ready to kill anything in our path. I’m not a fan of heavy metal whatsoever, yet when I play Doom Eternal I become a fan of the genre.

Perfect Combat

It genuinely can’t get any better. The fast pace. The perfect sound effects. The right amount of enemies to be badass, but not overwhelmed. The a huge array of weapons for you to use. The different enemy varieties with unique weaknesses. All these enemies have unique ways of taking them down.

The reward system such as setting enemies on fire to get more armour. Using the chainsaw to get ammo. Doom rewards you for being aggressive and killing your enemies. It’ll even put some fodder enemies in the arena to be used as a way of getting easy armour or health.

The level design only increases the hype each level brings. Some give you breathing space for when you’re struggling to get health or try to lure enemies to you. Then, some try to put you in a tighter area to encourage you to take them head-on without any fear. The DLC does this more often.

Finding hidden collectables or keys such as the slayer gate provides another challenge within the level. The slayer gates are a great way to find a small arena and really test your skills in Doom.

Doom Slayer

Of course, you can’t talk about how great the game is without the man behind the massacre of Hell. Doom Slayer is badass without question. But, hearing the hype around Doom Slayer in the lore or audio logs only furthers the feeling of being a monster in the eyes of demons. When we hear the Devil himself fear Doom Slayer or even Gods worried that he will turn on them makes him feel like such a power force to play as.

The Greatest

Doom Eternal provides all these elements together to create the perfect FPS game. There is never a dull moment in Eternal. Even the platforming is fun and looking for hidden items or challenges makes the platforming more exciting. Doom Eternal uses its combat, soundtrack and lore to perfection making it the greatest FPS game of all time