DRIVECLUB Bikes Skids Onto PS4 With a Wheelie Good Trailer

During Sony’s Paris Games Week presser a couple of days ago, Sony officially announced the standalone expansion for Evolution Studios’ DriveClub with DriveClub Bikes. It didn’t come as any surprise to us though; we told the world about it 12 hours before Sony did. (Sorry Sony, nothing personal.)

As one can image from the title alone, the expansion introduces two-wheeled rides to the series. However, you’ll only be able to race bikes vs bikes, so don’t get excited about ramming your bike-riding opponents with your muscle car. Naughty.

It’s out now on the PlayStation Network as a standalone release, meaning you don’t even need to have DriveClub to play the add-on. It’ll set you back a mere £15.99 on its lonesome, or £11.99 if you’re a DriveClub member. We’re still taking this bad boy for a ride around the tracks but we’ll have our review up soon enough.

Evolution has also managed to pull a cat out the bag with the revelation that it’s developing a PlayStation VR version of DriveClub. Do they ever sleep?