DriveClub in Development for PlayStation VR, Runs at 60FPS

Here’s one that we didn’t expect – although we kind of wished for: DriveClub is being developed for PlayStation VR, the virtual reality headset for the PS4.

According to the game’s director Paul Rustchynsky, DriveClub VR has been in development for a few months, but it still has a way to go before being a full product as the studio still has six months of development plans for the regular DriveClub that will include new content updates as well as new features.

According to Rustchynsky, DriveClub VR is running at the fabled 60fps rather than the normal 30fps seen in the base game. To achieve 60fps, some effects such as weather patterns, track detail and player count (down to 8 from 12) have been lowered in order to achieve a higher frame-rate. It’s still some time away from release, but it’s looking promising all the same. It should be noted that the game is running at 60fps, but when viewed in PlayStation VR it actually feels like 120fps due to theĀ images being reprojected. We’re not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds magical, doesn’t it?

DriveClub VR is currently being shown off at this year’s Paris Games Week where a playable prototype is being exhibited. Unfortunately Sony must have forgotten to send our invite to the event so we’re not able to go hands on unless we send one of the lads on a spy mission. And on that note, this author is checking out for a while; back soon with images and video and maybe even a stolen headset.


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