DriveClub PS+ Edition Upgrade Available In UK Playable Offline, Pre-Order Cars Issue Addressed

DriveClub has finally launched in the UK, but it’s not without its problems, much to the dismay of eager players who have been patiently waiting to get to grips with DriveClub and its many offerings.

Replying to a fans tweet, Paul Rustchynsky confirmed that whilst the DriveClub PS+ Edition upgrade may be available in the UK, the online component is still out of action so players will have to make do with racing offline for now.

That’s not the only problem. Some regions are experiencing issues with pre-order cars not showing up once the game is purchased and installed, but once again the DriveClub developer eased fans worries by assuring us all that they’re working with Sony to sort out the issues.

It’s not the best start for any game to release with so many issues, even more so for a first-party exclusive that was hyped up over the course of a year. Hopefully Evolution and Sony can sort out this mess soon so we can get back to doing what we enjoy most, playing!

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  1. Dont get all this upgrade season pass bullshit .Its free or it isnt . Selling this piece of shit ps4 that ive owned from new cos the games so far have been,frankly shit. This ps+ bollocks is a fuckin joke too.

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