Driveclub’s Latest Update Actually Had a Sneaky Visual Upgrade

Driveclub is a nice looking game, but did you notice it getting any prettier after the last update? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone as we didn’t notice a thing either.

However, the game did get a slight graphical update to show off some new tech that Evolution Studios has been working on. The reason we’ve not spotted it before now (and most others won’t have either) is because it’s fairly mundane in all honesty. It’s all about the cobbles. We’re not exactly experts on the techy side of things, so we’ve grabbed a quick example and an explanation from Paul Rustchynsky.

[Update: According to Rustchynsky, we can expect to see more tracks sometime next year. We may also see Driveclub at this year’s PlayStation Experience, though nothing is confirmed just yet. Still, there’s a chance we may see Driveclub VR. Nice.]

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