Driveclub Difficulty Changes Make the Game Easier and Harder, New Patch Coming Next Week

Driveclub’s a pretty solid game, fun, but bloody difficult once you reach the later stages of the single player experience. Thankfully there is a patch being worked on by Evolution, but what we didn’t know was that the difficulty changes will go both ways.

If you’re struggling on a certain event you’ll be able to turn the difficulty down a touch to give you a better chance, but if you’re a season driver you’ll be able to increase the difficulty and give yourself more of a challenge. Not something this author is inclined to do…

The patch isn’t out yet, but it’s on the way and we should hear more in near future. Maybe it’ll release alongside the companion app? Probably not, but Evolution’s Paul Rustchynsky has stated today that the companion app is still being worked on, but there’s no release date as of yet.

For players who prefer to take to the road using the Thrustmaster T100 instead of a traditional DualShock 4 controller, it’s been a little painful as of late. There are numerous issues with using the wheel, but there is a fix coming, and according to Rustchynsky it’ll be landing down next week.

If you’ve not yet bought into Driveclub, it’s on offer over on the PSN right now.

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