Dying Light 2 Developer “Seriously Thinking” About New Game+ Mode

Do it again, but stronger
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Do it again, but stronger

Dying Light 2 has been out for a few weeks now which means many players will have hit the end credits. Being that games are super expensive these days, players naturally want the most bang for their buck.

One way that developers have managed to eek a bit more value from their games is to let players do it all over again, but with all of the upgrades they earned through their first playthrough. This is called New Game+, for those who don’t know.

As it stands, Dying Light 2 does not have the option for a New Game+ playthrough. Once you’ve finished the story, you’re left with a world that’s still worth knocking around, but the sense of progression and purpose is ultimately lost.

Fans have been asking Techland, the game’s developer, for a New Game+ since the game’s release – they couldn’t even wait to finish the bloody thing before asking when they can do it again.

The official Dying Light 2 Twitter has since communicated to fans that New Game+ is an option the developers are “seriously thinking about, but it’s too early to promise anything yet.”

It’s good to know that the notion is being considered instead of being completely taken off the table, at least for now. But with the game suffering from a number of unfortunate bugs and glitches, the main priority right now is to keep churning out updates and to keep on top of the DLC schedule.

Source: Twitter