EA Access Going Free for a Week for Xbox Live Gold Members

EA Access might not sound like a great thing, but believe, it really is rather good. For a set fee per-month (around $4/£4) you get access to an ever-expanding catalogue of EA games that you can download and play at no extra cost. The service was originally met with skepticism when it was first announced, but here we are today and it seems to be quite a popular service.

For those who’ve not given EA Access a go, there’s some good news. EA and Microsoft have announced today that there will be a week-long free trial for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. You don’t need to put any extra effort into it, you just download the app, choose what games to download and then have yourself a good time. Simples. The free trial will run from January 19th through to January 24th. Plenty of time for a bit of free gaming.

If you’re not an Xbox Live Gold subscriber… Sorry, but you don’t get to try EA Access. Still, might be worth getting yourself onto Xbox Live Gold anyway. It’s a good move by EA and Microsoft and it’ll surely pull in a few new customers along the way. The more customers, the better the service – at least that’s how these things typically go.

EA announced last week that the PC platform would be getting a similar service with Origin Access. It’s basically the same deal, but you’re required to use EA’s Origin. Bummer…