EA’s Cutesy Wutesy Unravel is Available for Pre-Order on PS4, and It’s Dirt Cheap

Remember Unravel? EA showed off the adorable title at this year’s E3 (seems like an age ago, doesn’t it?) and melted hearts everywhere. Even us manly men felt our innards soften when we first laid eyes upon it.

The game isn’t due out until next year but pre-orders have already opened for the game for PS4. If you head over to the PlayStation Store on your PS4 or via your web-browser, you’ll find the game sitting pretty, waiting for you to click ‘pre-order’. Oddly enough, it’s not that expensive either. Whether this is a mistake on Sony’s part or not isn’t clear, but according to the PSN listing Unravel will only set you back $19.99 as it’s a PSN release. We can think of worse ways to blow a few quid.

So it’s possible that Unravel won’t, erm, unravel onto retailers shelves. Heh. Heh.

The game’s listing page has been live on the Xbox One games store for a while now, but there’s still no option to pre-order, nor is there any pricing available but if the pricing on the PS4 is correct, we can’t see it being any different on the other platforms.

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