EA: Star Wars Battlefront Doesn’t Have Single Player Because People Don’t Play Single Player

FIFA has been around since, well, forever. Each and every year we see a new FIFA box on store shelves and it used to be that we’d be quite excited about it. However, these days it’s a little less exciting as the game’s updates have become a little more trivial than revolutionary. Many gamers have called for EA to just release the base game and then update it every year without pushing out a full-priced boxed product. It’s a move that would surely kick EA in the finances, but it would curry favour with the series’ massive fan base.

EA’s Peter Moore seems to think that it may be a possibility, too. In a recent interview with the guys at Gamespot, Peter Moore acknowledged that sports games have come under fire for being pushed out every year with menial updates, but he also thinks that in the future there may be a place for a yearly update, but for the time being “there is still a thirst for a great, brand-new boxed game.” Looks like we’ll be forking out for a new game every year for the forseeable future, then…

Star Wars Battlefront was also on the table during the chat. When asked why the game won’t ship with a full-on single-player experience, Peter Moore stated that “very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games” going on with “that’s what the data points too.”

Urm, we’re not so sure about that. We’re quite partial to a single-player campaign, even in Battlefield and Call of Duty, both of which rely heavily on their multiplayer components to draw players in and keep them there until the next game comes out.

What do you reckon? Would you prefer to see a yearly downloadable update for FIFA, and do you play the single-player campaigns in big-name shooters? Let us know down below.

Star Wars: Battlefront releases on November 17th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you reckon the force is still strong in this one then you can pre-order here.


  1. I could be in the minority but I definitely play single player campaigns. I play the SP in FPS’ and only a limited amount of MP. I won’t be picking up Star Wars Battlefront because of the lack of single player, but I hope the game succeeds and the people who do pick it up enjoy their experience.

    1. Went from day 1.. to Bargain Bin Pickup.. and Honestly… I don’t know if it will be worth it then.. because you know.. people will have moved on to the next big.. “Online Only” Game.. According to this guy. Meanwhile Fallout 4, Mad Max, Just Cause 3 and Metal Gear Solid V are looking better and better..

  2. I play single player only! I dabble with Multiplayer. I live in a world where everyone is better than me at Multiplayer FPS because they have more time. I’m upset this game doesn’t have single player. It’s not like they couldn’t get someone to write the story.

  3. i bought cod ghosts and aw + battlefield 4 and hardline ONLY FOR THE CAMPAIGN so i won’t buy this bullshit thank you sir, apparently i am nobody since i play the singleplayer, well what can you do, and i lived in a lie all my life thinking that i exists when clearly Chris Harding with this dogshit article proved that i don’t exist

    1. Yeah, sorry mate, I’ll just get back to my mega huge office at EA Headquarters and get the lads to change it…

      Also, if you’re going to comment, please try and use the English language properly, no swearing.

  4. I always like Dark Forces and Jedi Knight – I don’t know why most devs can’t still build a great single-player experience with a fantastic multi-player.

    If they built a single player mode for SW:BF, almost everyone would give it a shot.

  5. Single player in the original SW:B was unlike SP in most games. It was identical to multiplayer but included bots. Galactic Conquest made it much better.

    A story and cinematics are a lot of work. But they have already designed the bots. Why not offer the same Instant Action mode, in addition to the Missions mode they already created?

    Because games were not constantly connected back then, I doubt they have metrics for how many players enjoyed Instant Action mode. They only have estimates.

  6. Or people SHOULDN’T buy a game to play a 2 hour campaign like with Dice’s recent games. I don’t care for multiplayer games but I am still glad this is online only. Why do people want a single player game made around these small maps with little set pieces designed around them?
    EA are already making another Single Player based Star Wars game which will hopefully be great so get your fix single player fix there.

    1. i love campaigns in games and always play them.
      with the EA and starwars they know muppets with lap it up so they split the game up,All these fools buying all this DLC thats been taken out and it has been taken out are destroying the industry.
      we have gone from online passes(£8 if bought preowned) to £30-50 season passes and people just keeping buying them,sometimes before they know whats included lol.

      sell online only £50 with a £40 season pass
      then release story game(no online)for £50 and extra dlc content

      that way they double dipped you.

  7. My data points to the fact that I don’t buy multiplayer only games. Never have. Now, Star Wars Battlefront would be the first game I made an exception for if I did decide to buy it. I don’t think any multiplayer, no matter how good the developer thinks it is, is ever equivalent to a great single player storyline. When I think of my favorite games of the last generation, or of all time for that matter, they all are single player titles. Shouldn’t that tell these developers something?

    I think they missed an opportunity to tell a new, unique story in the Star Wars universe. I call that a loss no matter how they try to spin it.

  8. My personal data points to the EA guy being full of crap. Maybe if you actually built single player into the game people who play single player will buy it? However, since you don’t then maybe the reason you are obtaining all these multiplayer people and not the ones that like single player is because you don’t have a single player component. I would sure like to see what asinine stats this guy is looking at.

  9. Wow. Most radical assumption of the century. Talk about out of touch. I’ll still play anyway, but really hoped for SP though.

  10. i would love a single player campaign!!!!!!

    I always play that first then multiplayer.
    Most of my friends do too.

  11. More on Data, I have not bought an online only game ever…… this will be my first. Only because of franchise.

  12. Well, makes never spending another cent on an EA product again even easier. Mr. Peter Moore, I invite you to please join your ancestral executive EA brethren in disappearing up your own ass.

  13. “very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games” – might be true… and very true in my last couple of purchases from EA. But on same point, I will not purchase a game without singleplayer option. Thus why I didn’t touch Titanfall.

    So even though I might not always play the single player… I also won’t purchase a game without it. So how are you going to track that with your data collecting?

  14. It would be amazing if a game like Battlefront gave you Arma III like tools to be able to create your own single player missions and set pieces.

  15. Skipping the back and forth of “if it weren’t crap more people would play it.” and “Why would we spend more money on something most people don’t play?”, I feel it’s a logical concession since they can’t shovelware single player story content like they can shooter mechanics and asset skins.

    Of course, the expected trade-off is that the price of a game that you didn’t spend any development costs in creating a single player campaign, would be cheaper than a game that you did have to invest time and money into creating a single player campaign, and should be reflected in the retail price of said cheaper game.

    But then we are talking about EA, lol.

    1. And people also didn’t have “anything” else to play or support for the xbone at that time. Naturally people all bought something they could play at that time.

      I’m not on board with just MP……., but that is just my opinion.

  16. That’s me out. I absolutely love single player campaigns. Hardly ever multiplayer. Don’t have time to commit as I have kids & could be pulled away from game at any point. Been gaming since before the megadrive/genesis & on every console sold since. EA really know how to alienate & piss people off. They will sell loads but not nearly as much as if they had included SP. I’d say they will lose at least 40% of their potential sales. Imagine if Rockstar said there would be no single player in their games? How successful are Rockstar?!

    1. To be fair.. Rockstar hit a gold mine with GTA V Online.. and have been reaping in the dollar bills since.. so.. using them as an example.. just might not be the best idea anymore. They might care to focus on the multiplayer a bit more now.. But don’t get me wrong.. I still think it would eliminate plenty of sales if they didn’t do single player. They just are doing it RIGHT. They make an amazing single player game.. and follow it up with a online portion.. that integrates your single player to some extent, and just gives you unlimited things to do and experience and keeps you coming back for more.. all this being said.. and I don’t even play GTA V Online.. and never did. LOL I just know they are making tons off it.. I was just too cheap to buy it again for my PS4 after beating it for the PS3..

  17. I do and people would definitely play a star wars campaign! They just don’t play shitty 4 hr modern warfare games because we’re drowned in them

  18. Skip Battlefront for sure, did EA learn nothing about the importance of single player with Titanfall? Who wants multiplayer only ?

  19. Did Peter Moore learn nothing from Some of their smaller indie titles? Didn’t they publish Child of Light? OR was that Ubisoft? Either way.. That and Valiant Hearts are prime examples of single player experiences cherished by many..

  20. Yes i play single player and thats crazy you would leave this to a vote, is this real data or just the people voting? Everyone i know, when its a real aaa franchise they play the single player and multi. Dont fool yourself EA, people want both. Cutting one to perform for the other is not acceptable!

  21. I love single player and rarely play multiplayer. People should have a choice. Star wars is all about narrative and not mindless violence. EA should have thought of that.

  22. Well, I’ve known about this since the game’s announcement. I am impressed with the visuals but a pretty game with half of the content and all of the price is unacceptable to me. I really hope they change their stance for future iterations.

  23. The air battles look terrible, they look as though they have taken an old PC WW2 game and just replaced the planes with Star Wars ships.

  24. So, we don’t play single player any more? Ok, then you can take “star wars Battlefront” and stick it in your ass.

  25. Appears this article served a purpose to be negative.And allow all the trolls and complainers to have a venue. This looks to be a great game. Granted not an advancement for humankind but none-the less looks to be a great fun game. Much like the original battlefront was. I hope that people are old enough to remember Battlefield 2 there was no single player campaign and it was beautiful. Only due to COD creating a single player campaign do people think it goes hand in hand with a FPS. It really doesn’t. It went from single player as in the days of Doom, Quake and having a multiplayer small part to being switched around due to networks being more accessible. Please be more objective people. stop ruining creativity with “I wont buy this because this…” Rubbish.

    1. Not at all. The idea behind the article was to inform would-be buyers as to why the game won’t have a fully-fleshed single-player.

  26. He is right saying that single player isn’t popular in this “very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games”
    But do we want Star Wars to be another Call of Duty/Battlefield?

  27. If the FPS engine is just an instrument/means to tell a great story and/or provide an atmospheric experience (e.g. Portal, Deus Ex, Bioshock, Dead Space etc.), I’m all for it. But I’d differenciate them from games like Battlefield, ARMA, CS, COD etc., that solely focus on FPS combat. Such games have absolutely no use for singleplayer, except to make more money (which they rarely will, because most casual SP players will get it pirated anyway). I sometimes turn on games like Doom 1&2 or Wolfenstein 3D for old times’ sake and I can’t really say the enemies are much dumber than in today’s games. It’s like the AI almost hasn’t developed in 20 years.

  28. I feel they have missed out on customer need. Both myself and my two boys were looking forward to a single player campaign. I no longer play online (mostly due to abuse that I got because I’m female) so I was counting on a single player story line. My kids are disappointed because they like campaigns, too. I may now cancel my pre-order… because, well… what’s the point?

  29. I’ll take drop in-drop out multiplayer campaigns a la Borderlands any day, sure, but turning the game into Space Counterstrike / Space Call of Duty? Yeah, I’m out. Laters…

  30. I will NOT be buying it since there isn’t a single player. Friends and I still play SW BF 1 from 2004. When internet is down or something, I still play now and then on the single player version. Huge mistake EA!!!

  31. I cancelled the preorder when I discovered there was multiplayer only. I was hoping for some X-Wing vs TIE Fighter type stuff, with missions and more missions and more missions along a storyline.

    I may pick it up when it’s super-dirt-cheap, or free on Gold. Multiplayer just breeds a negative atmosphere with leaderboards full of either cheats or kids who have nothing else to do but build up a score that no-one else will ever reach, and bonuses that imbalance gameplay.

    Unless they put in separate leagues which work using some sort of times played vs scores reached to equalise people so the same sort of players play together then I’ll hold off with a big sad ‘meh’.

  32. i buy games for single player mode and then play online! I am gutted, being a StarWars fan not to have a story mode. Its just a shell of a game for me. And to top it, EA now chooses to restrict my son from playing online so he is now left with a game that can only be played offline without a story mode! I think this is false advertising and a complete P***take on the consumer!!!

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