Elden Ring: Why Mage-Blade is the Best Class

Big Hat Logan… Just With A Sword Instead Of A Hat

Big Hat Logan… Just With A Sword Instead Of A Hat

Elden Ring offers incredible customization like any “Soulsbourne” game before it. Be it the weapons and armor you use to the individual stats you choose to upgrade. This gives you the ability to build your character in thousands of ways.

At the start of the game, you’re presented with a few different options for which class you want to start as. While this doesn’t set anything in stone, it does serve as a starting point for building your ideal character. The Prisoner starting class is a clear stand-out for those wanting a good blend of front-line fighting and far-off spell casting. As someone who really enjoys those two aspects of gameplay, you can bet this is where my character started.

The first thing that stood out to me when playing this character was the starting spell, “Magic Glintblade.” This is a new spell to Elden Ring with nothing like it in previous games. The delay between the cast and the actual attack allows incredible creativity with the spell. Its perfect to cast and let a heavy shield user get blindsided while you distract them. Another kicker is casting it before a combo to add another stagger without using stamina; this spell is incredibly versatile. Even while I started with this spell, it is one of the spells still memorized by my character throughout the entire game.

Elden Ring also has introduced the crystal sword and the crystal dagger. Both weapons start with intelligence-based scaling. This allows you to focus on intelligence to boost your spell damage and increase your weapons damage for when enemies get close. This game also has a returning series classic, the now renamed Dark Moon Greatsword (Once Moonlight Greatsword). Completing Ranni’s sidequests grants you with a mighty greatsword that would make Ludwig himself proud.

Elden Ring is also littered with many new and different spells. They range from a giant magical longbow to tiny daggers hovering around your person, protecting you from the next enemy to come too close. Experiment with different spells and find what works best for you, or simply which ones you think have the most incredible animation. Focusing heavily on intelligence allows almost any spell to be viable for this build.

Later in the game is when this class hits its stride. Having an intelligence scaling weapon lets you focus on only one stat to increase two damage-dealing abilities for your character. Having a well-balanced Vigor and Endurance will help you fight up close. Your intelligence will also allow you to snipe even powerful enemies from a distance with the right spell. First focus on getting your health and stamina bars to a comfortable level. After that, increase intelligence and nothing else. Focusing on just one stat will cause your weapon and magic scaling damage to skyrocket mid to late game. Should you want to be casting more spells, putting a few points into Mind will also be needed.

This class can become incredibly versatile as some bosses favor a physical fight while others you shouldn’t try coming within 10 meters. The Starscourge Radhan fight is the most significant example of this. My melee-focused character suddenly needed to focus a lot more on ranged spell casting. Simpling reallocating a few flask shards to get more FP and your character and transition almost to a full spell caster. In a game of over 100 bosses, versatility is a necessity; and your character needs to adapt to them all.