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The Enraged Nature Gloves are the Tier 1 Legendary Gloves in Lost Ark exclusive to the Sharpshooter class. It starts at item level 302 and at level +15 it is item level 600.

Enraged Nature Gloves

Quality: Legendary

Binds on Pickup

Base Item Level: 302

Item Level at +15: 600

Item Set Bonus Effects: Enraged Nature

Item Type: Gloves

Requirement: Sharpshooter Class

Item Level 302 Stats:

Dexterity: +349
Vitality: +104
Phy. Defense: +489
Mag. Defense: +489

+2 Random Combat Stats

Available Honing Effects
Phy. Defense: +82 ~ +122
Mag. Defense: +82 ~ +122
Vitality: +18 ~ +26

Gear Honing Upgrades

To upgrade and hone the first level your Enraged Nature Gloves, you will need the following items:

Each level you hone afterwards will increase the amount of materials you need to provide. The cost to upgrade from 0 all the way to +15 to get to 600 Item Level is:

Full T1 Enraged Nature Sharpshooter Set

The Tier 1 Enraged Nature Set for the Sharpshooter has an armor piece for each slot as well. The set also give bonuses of Enraged Nature, which increases movement speed by 8% and also attack power +4% for 8 seconds, up to 12%, when attacking a Boss ranked monster or above. The cooldown on the effect is 3 seconds.

ItemSlotImageBase iLvl 302 Stats
Enraged Nature BowWeaponiconWeapon Power: +622
Enraged Nature HatHelmeticonDexterity: +284
Vitality: +156
Phy. Defense: +550
Mag. Defense: +611
+2 Combat Stats
Enraged Nature ChestpieceChestpieceiconDexterity: +219
Vitality: +208
Phy. Defense: +733
Mag. Defense: +672
+2 Combat Stats
Enraged Nature PantsPantsiconDexterity: +240
Vitality: +177
Phy. Defense: +672
Mag. Defense: +733
+2 Combat Stats
Enraged Nature GlovesGlovesiconDexterity: +349
Vitality: +104
Phy. Defense: +489
Mag. Defense: +489
+2 Combat Stats
Enraged Nature PauldronsShouldersiconDexterity: +306
Vitality: +135
Phy. Defense: +611
Mag. Defense: +550
+2 Combat Stats

How To Get Enraged Nature Gloves

The Enraged Nature Gloves can be obtained by running Abyssal Dungeons. You must complete Hildebrandt Palace or the Corridor of the Twisted Lord for your chance to obtain Boisterous Elemental equipment for your character.

Before you venture into these dungeons, you should make sure you already are item level 460+, which means you have Tier 1 gear with an average of +8 upgrade level.

When you run these Abyss Dungeons and obtain your legendary Tier 1 variant, you can recycle your previous gear so that you keep your upgrade level and move it to the new legendary gear!

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