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Fallout 4 and Rugby 2015 are the Latest UK/EU Discounts

The final offer in Sony’s 12 Deals of Christmas has gone live, and it’s quite the surprise, really. The game getting the big discount is Bethesda’s well received Fallout 4, which sees its price slashed by a good margin. However, as many have pointed out over the course of this promotion, it may well be cheaper to head to Amazon or your local video game retailer for a physical copy. For those who’re intent on not touching a single disc this generation, it’s not the worst deal you’ll ever see.

Fallout 4 isn’t the only game to be reduced either. Rugby 2015 for the PS4 has also received a price drop, at a bigger price drop than Fallout 4 with a 55% reduction. FIFA and PES may be all the rage for the kids these days, but there’s still a place on The Games Cabin’s shelf for a good ol’ game of rugger, even if it is a bit naff…

Fallout 4 (PS4)
Was €69.99/£49.99
Now €44.99/£32.99

Fallout 4 Digital Deluxe Edition (PS4)
Was €99.99/£74.99
Now €64.99 /£49.99

Rugby 2015 (PS4)

Was €59.99/£54.99
Now €29.99/£24.99

Will you be picking either of these up digitally, or will you be waiting for the inevitable Christmas gift cards that you’ll take down to GAME or HMV? 

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