Fallout 4 is This Week’s Top Selling Game in UK, Rise of the Tomb Raider Debuts at Number 4 (Who Cares?)

This week’s sales charts from GFK have been released and the results are not surprising in the slightest. Well, maybe there is a slight surprise, but we’ll get over it in due course.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 was the best selling game across platforms for the week while Black Ops III and FIFA 16 round off the top three places on the charts. Crystal Dynamic’s Rise of the Tomb Raider sequel was only fourth place, despite a marketing blitz in the UK. Seriously, every time you turn the telly on it’s all Lara Croft. You go for a cheeky Nando’s with the boys and you’ll see Rise of the Tomb Raider posters in the shopping center.

In all honesty, does anyone really care about sales charts? Does it affect your day-to-day gaming? Nope. It’s a bit interesting if you’ve got an interest in how the industry is doing, but really, these charts are a little boring, aren’t they? There are some who will turn them into flamebait headlines for a few clicks, but we’re above that so we’ll just tell it how it is.




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