Fallout 4 Rated For Drugs, Violence, Sex and More

Fallout 4 drops on PC and consoles this November 10th, and while we’re still yet to actually place hands on Bethesda’s next-gen Fallout game, we do know a few more details thanks to the Aussie ratings board.

Fallout 4 has been rated by the Australian ratings board for violence, drug use, language, sex and themes. Oddly enough there’s no nudity, according to the rating, but there is sex. Will it be drug induced, violent dry humping? Possibly. Nothing’s been confirmed or denied just yet, so we’re hoping to see some PG nookie.

Fallout 4 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this November 10th, so there’s still a couple of months to book some time off work or build up the courage to break your legs.

Fallout 4

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