Fallout 4’s New Live Action Trailer Looks Like the Kind of Game We Want, Not What We’ll Get

Fallout 4’s due out in just over a month’s time, so the hype is pretty real ’round these parts. We’ve all been looking forward to it for a while now; so much so that you could smack us with a Pip-Boy shaped hammer and we’d still be jubilant.

Bethesda has released a new trailer to ramp the hype up to even higher levels (is that possible) and it’s doing a good job, too. The trailer is a bit of a break away from the series’ norm as it’s a live-action teaser that tells the tale of ‘The Wanderer’.

We all know that Bethesda’s game’s don’t exactly look the best (Fallout 3 was particularly ugly) but it’s the deep and engrossing gameplay that we’re going in for – not the flashy special effects. So bear that in mind when you watch the new trailer: the game won’t look a damn thing like it. But at least it’s gonna have decent PS Vita remote play controls.

Fallout 4 goes nuclear on the PS4, Xbox One and PC this November 10th.

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